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Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE Central Composting Toilet System

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Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE Central Composting Toilet System: The Future of Sustainable Living

Are you looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your toilet needs? The Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE Central Composting Toilet System is the ultimate solution for sustainable living. This innovative system provides a safe and hygienic way to compost human waste, reducing your impact on the environment and allowing you to live off the grid.

The Centrex 1000 NE is designed with ease of use in mind. The system is self-contained and requires no water or electricity, making it ideal for remote locations. The composting process is odorless and efficient, with a fan that ensures proper ventilation and eliminates any unpleasant smells.

With a capacity of up to 4 adults or a family of 6, the Centrex 1000 NE provides a reliable and efficient solution for all your composting needs. The system is also designed for durability and longevity, made from high-quality materials that require minimal maintenance.

But the Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE isn't just practical - it's also environmentally friendly. By composting human waste, you can reduce your impact on the environment and help to create a more sustainable future. And with its easy-to-use design and reliable performance, the Centrex 1000 NE is the future of sustainable living.

So why choose the Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE Central Composting Toilet System? It's simple: for a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that reduces your impact on the environment while providing reliable performance, there's no better option on the market. Experience the future of sustainable living with the Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE today.

What's Included in SunMar Centrex 1000 NE Toilet

  • Centrex 1000 NE Unit
  • Owner's Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Rake
  • 2" ABS Vent Pipe 30"L (Qty:6)
  • 4" Diffusor
  • Hardware Kit
  • 1" Flexible Drain Hose (8' Long)
  • Compost Sure Blue (1 Bag)
  • Not included**: 3" plumbing pipe and fittings needed to connect a 1 pint flush toilet to a central composting unit.

The Centrex 1000 NE model is best suited for seasonal or vacation use where electricity is not available and is capable of supporting 2 adults full time or a family of 4 part time. 

For a ready to install system -  be sure to include one of the low flush toilets!

Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE Full Time and Part Time User Capacities

Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE Users

Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE Central Composting Toilet System Dimensions

    Sun-Mar Centrex 1000NE Toilet Dimensions

    • Height & Depth: 28" x 32.5"
    • Width & Clearance for Turning Handle: 22.5" x 24.5"
    • Weight: 45lbs
    • Depth required for Drawer Removal: 46.25"

    Sun-Mar Centrex 1000NE Optional Upgrades

    • Toilet Model 510 or AM Style II
    • Toilet Model 510 or AM Stle II & Compost Sure Blue (Case of 5)

    Want to know more about the Centrex 1000 NE Central Composting Toilet"?

    Dry Flush User Manual  Please CLICK HERE to see the Centrex 1000 NE Central Composting Toilet for more details about the product and how to use it.. 

    Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 Toilet Real World User Video

    Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out or give us a call at 833-717-1234.

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