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Laveo Dry Flush Toilet

What is a Laveo Dry Flush Toilet?

What is a Laveo Dry Flush Toilet? 

When it comes to bathroom sanitation, traditional toilets have been the norm for decades. However, with the increasing need to conserve water and reduce environmental impact, a new type of toilet has emerged: the Laveo Dry Flush toilet.

The Laveo Dry Flush toilet is a revolutionary toilet solution that eliminates the need for water in the flush. Instead, it uses a specially-designed airtight container to trap and seal waste, making it completely odorless and hygienic. This means that you can save money on your water bill and also help the environment by reducing water usage.

The Laveo Dry Flush toilet is very easy to use and maintain. You just need to replace the container once it is full, which is a simple and straightforward process. The toilet's design is sleek and modern, making it a great addition to any bathroom. It is perfect for small homes, RVs, boats, and even camping trips.

Another great feature of the Laveo Dry Flush toilet is that it doesn't require any plumbing, which means it can be easily installed in any location, making it a great option for off-grid living, or remote locations.

Overall, the Laveo Dry Flush toilet is an innovative and practical solution for bathroom sanitation. It's not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective and easy to use. If you're looking for a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly toilet, the Laveo Dry Flush toilet is definitely worth considering.

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How does the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet work?

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the toilet.
The first step is to familiarize yourself with the toilet. Take a look at the user manual and make sure you understand the different parts of the toilet and how they work. 

Step 2: Connect the power supply. 
The Laveo Dry Flush toilet needs power to operate. This can come through a rechargeable battery which is good for 300+flushes,  AC which is standard in American homes, or 12V DC which is standard in automobiles. 

Dry Flush Battery

Step 3: Use the toilet Using the Laveo Dry Flush toilet is just like using a traditional toilet. Simply sit down and use it as you would normally.

Step 4: Flush the toilet once you're finished, simply press the flush button. The toilet will suction out air from the containment area, spin the cartridge, creating an air-tight seal, and reset itself awaiting the next use.

Step 5: Replace the cartridge. When the cartridge is near its completion, a red line will show in the disposal area. When ready to replace the cartridge:

- Lift the seat to access the cartridge
- Use the exterior bag to contain the used cartridge and all waste
- Place used cartridge in standard trash or acceptable alternative.
- Install new bag and cartridge in the container.
- Replace Seat

It's important to note that the Laveo Dry Flush toilet does require electricity to operate the fan, so make sure to have it properly plugged in. Power options include: Battery with 300 flushes, 110V AC, 12V DC, and Solar.

Using a Laveo Dry Flush toilet is easy and straightforward, and it's a great solution for those looking for a more environmentally friendly and efficient toilet. Remember to follow the steps above and to refer to the user manual for any specific instructions.

Which Laveo Dry Flush Toilet do I need?

The only difference between the Dry Flush models is the power options.

Battery - The most frequently purchased unit is the Battery version which can be charged with 110V AC (any North American outlet). 

110V AC - Some people don't need the battery and have it plugged into their home system. This eliminates the battery component all together. 

12V DC - This version can be plugged into a van, car or truck system. These plugs used to called 'cigarette outlets'.

Where can I buy Laveo Dry Flush Toilets?

Tiny Home Equipment is an authorized retailer of Laveo and the full Dry Flush line. We usually have the best prices already on our store, if you find a better price we'll match it! Also, we offer free shipping throughout the United States!

How much are Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Refills?

The Dry Flush Toilet Refills are currently $89.99. With 15-17 flushes, that runs $1.76 - $2.00 per flush. 

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Reviews?

Here are some recent reviews for the Laveo Dry Flush toilet:

"I love this portable toilet. It's very easy to assemble and it's easy to keep clean. I have health issues and having my own personal toilet in my bedroom has been a great help to me. I recommend this toilet to anyone looking for a waterless portable toilet." - Bessie G. 

"It works really well so far. Using it in a tiny home. Does not take up much space. Delivery was fast." - Tony J.

"I needed an outdoor toilet for my pool that didn't tie into plumbing. This laveo toilet has been a more cost effective and less smelly than other camping toilet options. Highly recommend." - Linn W. 

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