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PowerShot Portable 7500-Watt Generator SPG7593E

by Simpson
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The PowerShot Portable Generator is an absolute beast! It can provide you with up to 7500 watts of power, making it perfect for extended power outages or running your tiny home in a remote area. It features a nine-hour run at a 25 percent load, which can be enough to power emergency circuits at your tiny house or outdoor business. You can run multiple appliances and some needed lights at once. And it runs on gas with a fuel tank capacity of 6.1 gallons. 

Though it’s heavy-duty, the PowerShot Portable Generator is easy to use. It comes with user-friendly controls. It also has a start engine with a low oil shutdown feature to provide extra protection for itself. Truly, it’s a convenient addition to your tiny home adventure. 

Quick product features:

  • A portable, heavy-duty generator perfect for power outages in any home or business
  • With a nine-hour run time at a 25 percent load
  • With easy-to-use controls
  • Compact design; it’s easy to store and travel
  • Durable construction; an absolute beast
  • Advanced features, including a start engine with a low oil shutdown feature
  • Power Type: Gasoline
  • Running Watts: up to 7500 watts of power
  • Starting Watts: 9375 watts
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.1 gallons

    Want to know more about the PowerShot Portable Generator SPG7593E?

    PowerShot Portable 7500-Watt Generator SPG7593E User Manual  

    CLICK HERE to see the PowerShot Portable Generator SPG7593E User Manual for more details about the product and how to use it.

    PowerShot Portable 7500-Watt Generator SPG7593E Spec Sheet

    CLICK HERE for the Spec Sheet

    PowerShot Portable 7500-Watt Generator SPG7593E Quick Start Guide

    CLICK HERE for the Quick Start Guide


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Dave Lakhani
    This Thing Is A Beast And Will Power What You Need It To Power And Lots Of Great Features

    First of all, this thing is VERY heavy, it isn't a tool you'll be taking on road trips, tailgating, or casual weekend camping trips. To give so some idea of how heavy it is, it is delivered on a pallet. Set up is easy but you'll definitely need two people to get the wheels on and you'll want those wheels on fast.

    Once you've put the wheels on and use the fold up handle, one strong person can move it around over flat, smooth terrain but if you want to move it over rougher, uneven or sloping terrain you'll be much better off with two people. The unit comes with a quart of oil to get you going and according to the documentation, you can use full with up to 10% ethanol. While not electric start as indicated, the pull start was smooth and easy.

    If you are using this as a backup, you can power emergency circuits in a house easily, run multiple appliances, and all the lights you need (obviously, you wouldn't want to try and power the whole house the way you do with regular electric). It'll run tools, appliances, lamps, just about anything you need and it has plenty of plugs to get the job done. You can buy a 30a cable and get more 110 outlets if you need to.

    This is loud, several people have mentioned it is about as loud as a lawnmower and that is a fair assessment for sure. The roll cage is strong and solid, you could easily chain to a pole or tree to keep people from easily making off with it.

    On about 3/4 load, I got just over 5 hours on a single tank of gas. I really like that this has an oil and gas gage so you can quickly tell where you are. It also features a low oil, automatic shut off feature that keeps you from running out of oil and seizing the engine.

    I'm a fan of this monster, it'll definitely get the job done.

    Heavy Duty Generator

    First off, this generator is an absolute beast. Being my first generator I was no expecting it to be so large. When it was delivered on the front porch, I could not move it on my own. Since I did't have a dolly, I put it on a skateboard and wheeled it inside. It weighs approximately 180 pounds so be aware, but once you've got it out of the box and installed the wheels and handlebar, it becomes much easier to move. It is very well built, nothing about it seems cheap or low quality. It comes with a bottle of oil ready to go

    After having it sit for a few weeks because we were trying to figure out what to hook up and how, we put the oil and gas in and cranked it up. FYI, this is not a propane and gas generator, it is gas only. We put the key in and started it right up, and it is loud but that should be expected at 10,000 watts. I plugged in the fridge and a 30 gallon air pump to the generator and let it run for about 2 hours. Per the advice of my partners father, we should let it run for a while and drain the oil to get rid of any residual metal shards during its first use. I will also say, which may be quite obvious to some, make sure its as far away from the house as possible. First off, its noisy. Second, the smell from it was quite strong. Initially we could only have it about 20 feet outside the front door due to a shorter extension cable but we had to move it farther out because the smell was almost nauseating to me. The only thing that I could not quite figure out was the odd sound of the motor, it never seemed to run "smoothly" and sounded like it was sputtering like a car engine would. Even after letting it run for a few hours, it didn't go away.

    The generator is a bit too much for me personally but I am now living in a more rural area where a situation that requires a generator is more likely to happen. After doing some research and speaking with others who have used generators frequently, this model is great quality and has a lot of power for the price.

    Colie G.
    Added oil and fuel, started right up and the electric start and genset worked fine.

    After reading the other reviews, I found a common theme, and that was how loud everyone said it was. To my surprise and delight, it was no more noisy than my Subaru 5500.

    Not that Loud!

    This thing is great! I don’t know what people are complaining about in most reviews...this thing IS NOT THAT LOUD!!!
    If you are getting a generator of this type you have to expect some noise, and I am more than happy with the noise level it creates, and is much better than what I was expecting. Great generator for the price, you won’t be disappointed!!

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