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Portable Toilets for Elderly - Safe and Easiest bedside commode for Home

Let's face it, sometimes nature calls at the most inconvenient times. Portable Toilets for Elderly can be a lifesaver (or should we say, toiletsaver?) at home, offering safe and easy use whenever needed. Read on to discover how these clever solutions can bring back a sense of independence and peace of mind for you or your loved ones.

Best Portable Toilet for Elderly

Laveo Dry Flush

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet

When setting up for my 93 year old grandmother to visit, we needed a toilet that was portable, easy to setup, safe to use, and is a lot more sanitary than the 'potty chair'. We found the Laveo Dry flush to be the best bedside toilet and it made her visit a lot better without her having to walk over 40 feet to the nearest bathroom toilet at night. 

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Commode Kit [New Bundle]

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Commode Kit

If you need a toilet with arms, this is the best kit. It comes with the arms which have adjustable hight, is portable, and can be used as a seat if needed. 

Bedside Portable Toilets - Commode bucket or Independence and Dignity?

A bedside toilet is often a necessity for aging or handicapped adults but it's no secret that a bedside toilet isn't exactly a childhood dream. The Laveo Dry Flush restores dignity by cleanly wrapping the human waste and removing the site and smell from the bedside. 

A commode toilet or 'potty chair' often is really just a collection point for waste for someone else to handle. While my family members needed toilet safety it was clear that cleaning a bedside commode chair wasn't how I wanted to start each morning with them. 

Imagine being able to move around your own home with confidence, knowing that you have the freedom to take care of yourself whenever nature calls. For many elderly individuals, this freedom is not just convenient; it's a vital part of maintaining their independence and dignity.

Portable toilets designed for the elderly provide a solution that goes beyond mere convenience. They restore a sense of self-sufficiency that might have been compromised by mobility challenges or health issues.

LAVEO Commode Kit

Commode Chairs and Bedside Commodes

We tried them all! Toilet Chairs, portable commodes, raised toilet seats, bedside toilets, a 'potty chair', mobility scooters for the bathroom trip... Each of these had their draw back. Most of them still had my grand parents sleeping next to their waste and to have that for people I loved wasn't acceptable for the seniors I love!

While I know it happens, and I'll do anything to have more time with them, the longer I can go without directly handling the waste the better!

Commode Kit LAVEO

How Portable Toilets Enhance Safety and Security

Let's face it: traditional bathrooms can be hazardous places, especially for those with limited mobility. Even the trip there can have common slips and falls, and the confined space can make maneuvering difficult. Portable toilets mitigate these risks by bringing the bathroom experience closer to where it's needed most.

By strategically placing a portable toilet in the bedroom or living area, elderly individuals can reduce the need to navigate through potentially dangerous spaces, thus enhancing overall safety and security at home.

Frequently Asked Questions About using the Laveo Dry Flush as a Bedside Toilet

FAQ Tiny Home Equipment

How often is it cleaned??

Certainly that depends on how much it's used. The Laveo Dry Flush has 15 - 17 'flushes' per refill. Changing out the refills is a quick, sanitary, and odorless process.

How is it powered?

We recommend the 110V version for most bedside use, this is the standard plug in most homes in the US.

If a plug isn't available in the desired location or we want to remove unnecessary cords there is a battery version that is the same price. The battery is good for 300 flushes per charge and is easy to charge when necessary with a standard 110V charger (included). 

Is it stable??

Its very stable as is. If you'd like more stability, here are a few options:

- Add a Mounting Kit to secure the toilet in place

- Add a Floor Tray & Lift Kit to not only keep the toilet stable but also raise it

- Use Hand Rails to help get on and off of the toilet