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MrCool Mini-Split Air Conditioner

MrCool Mini Split vs. Mitsubishi Mini Split: Which is the Better Unit?

Mini-split air conditioners are a great option for cooling your home. These AC systems are a flexible way to cool specific rooms in your home. Let us compare two well-known brands on the market, MrCool, and Mitsubishi, in this post. But, first.

Mini Split Air Conditioners: What Are They?

How Mini-Split Works

Mini-split ACs consist of two main components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They are also known as ductless or split systems. These AC units do not need ducting because of connected refrigerant lines. The indoor unit delivers cool air into the space and can also install on the wall or ceiling.

Advantages of Mini-Split AC System

Installation is another area where mini-split systems excel. The installation process is simple and less invasive since they do not need ductwork. This makes it helpful for retrofitting older homes or buildings without duct systems. Additionally, the compact size of the indoor units offers greater placement flexibility.
Mini-split air conditioning systems provide energy-efficient cooling, customizable comfort, and easy installation. Mini-split systems offer homeowners more control over their indoor climate or temperature. Also, it allows them to optimize comfort while reducing energy consumption. Mini-split systems have become the go-to choice for efficient and flexible cooling solutions.


  • Energy Efficiency. Mini-split systems are energy-efficient. They don't suffer from the energy losses associated with ductwork.
  • Zoned Cooling. Users can customize the temperature and comfort level in areas of their homes.
  • Easy Installation. The absence of ductwork makes installation simpler and less invasive.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. Mini-splits often include advanced filtration systems. It can help remove dust, allergens, and other pollutants from the air.
  • Quiet Operation. The indoor units of mini-split systems produce minimal noise. It ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Disadvantages of Mini-Split AC System:

As you already know, mini-splits have many advantages. But, it is important to consider a few disadvantages before making a decision.
One potential drawback is the higher initial cost associated with mini-split systems. Mini-split can be more expensive to install compared to central air conditioning systems. It requires professional installation with knowledge and expertise who specializes in proper setup. Though, some mini-split systems are DIY setups.
Remember that mini-splits are effective at cooling solutions for individual rooms or zones. It is not an ideal choice for cooling the whole house. If you plan to cool the whole house, a central air conditioning system is a more suitable option. Note that mini-split systems work better in smaller spaces or rooms.
For the costs, the unit together with professional help may increase the total costs. Some mini-splits manufacturers or brands quote for easy installation. But, it is still recommended to consult with professional help for installation.


  • Initial Cost. Mini-split systems may be more expensive for initial cost together with professional help.
  • Limited Coverage. Mini-split systems are designed for cooling individual rooms or zones.
  • Professional Installation Recommended. Proper installation of a mini-split system requires expertise. It's recommended to hire a professional HVAC technician.

Choosing the Right Mini Split Unit:

Cooling capacity, energy efficiency ratings, warranty, and brand reputation. These are some of the factors to put into consideration.
It is also important to know your specific cooling needs and what features you want. These features may be Wi-fi connectivity or advanced controls to the system. Also, try to determine or consider your budget to spend for your mini-split system.
  • Determine Cooling Needs. Assess the cooling requirements of the rooms or zones you want to cool. Consider factors such as area coverage to determine the appropriate cooling capacity. So, it is best to consult with an HVAC professional for the optimal solution.
  • Energy Efficiency: A good energy-efficient system may save you money in the long term.
  • Bonus Features. This includes specific features or functions you desire. Wi-Fi connectivity, advanced controls, or air purification systems. Check which features are essential for your comfort and convenience.
  • Warranty: Always check the warranty coverage offered by different manufacturers. A longer warranty period can protect against potential issues.
  • Professional Installation. Always ensure you have access to qualified HVAC professionals for proper installation. Improper installation may affect performance and efficiency. Also, may damage your system in the long run.
  • Budget: Determine your budget constraints and your model pick. This can be your determining factor for choosing the right mini-split for you.

About MrCool Mini Split Air Conditioners:

MrCool Mini-Split
MrCool mini-split air conditioners have gained popularity for their affordability and reliable performance. These systems offer a cost-effective cooling solution without compromising on quality. Customers appreciate the value for money that MrCool units provide. It makes them an attractive option for those on a budget.
The performance of MrCool mini-split systems is commendable. They deliver efficient cooling, lowering the temperature in the designated rooms or zones. Some customers have reported consistent and reliable performance. Also, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment during the hot summer months.
Installation of MrCool mini-split units is pretty straightforward for a DIY. The detailed installation instructions make it easier for homeowners to install the system.


MrCool mini-split air conditioners come equipped with several features. It also provides enhanced convenience and energy efficiency. Many models offer Wi-Fi connectivity which allows controlled settings through a smartphone app. This feature proves useful for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment outside the home.
Sleep mode is another valuable feature found in MrCool units. It allows the system to adjust temperature and airflow during nighttime. This is to ensure comfort and quality sleep while conserving energy consumption. Furthermore, programmable timers allow users to set specific schedules for operation.


  • Affordability. One advantage of MrCool's mini-split systems is their affordability in the mini-split market. They offer a cost-effective cooling solution which makes them an attractive option.
  • Efficient Cooling Performance. MrCool mini-split units deliver efficient and effective cooling performance. Users have reported consistent and reliable cooling.
  • User-Friendly Features and Controls. MrCool mini-split systems come with advanced features and controls. It enhances the convenience and ease of use of the system. This enables homeowners to manage and check their cooling systems from anywhere.
  • Decent Warranty Coverage. MrCool mini-split systems come with a decent warranty. The warranty coverage can vary depending on the model and specific terms. But, it helps protect against potential defects or issues that may arise.
  • DIY Installation. The system includes detailed installation instructions using pre-charged line sets to simplify the setup process. This can help save on installation costs, as professional help may not always be a need. Though, there are some products that are not using pre-charged line sets. Make sure you know your product description.


  • Limited Availability of Parts and Services. Some customers have reported difficulties in finding replacement parts or services. This can be a significant drawback if you encounter any issues or need repairs. This may result in prolonged downtime or difficulty finding qualified technicians for maintenance.
  • Limited Advanced Features. If you desire advanced features, you may find limited options with MrCool units. This includes humidity control or air purification which are not features for MrCool.

About Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioners:

Mitsubishi Mini-Split
Mitsubishi is a trusted and well-established brand. It offers a wide range of mini-split systems that caters to various cooling needs. Some homeowners focus on brand reputation and value the long-term reliability of Mitsubishi.
The performance of Mitsubishi mini-split systems is well-regarded by users. Their models deliver powerful and efficient cooling needs for optimal comfort. Mitsubishi's advanced technology and engineering result in precise temperature control and consistent airflow. As a result, it creates a comfortable indoor environment and temperature.


The innovative features are commendable in Mitsubishi's mini-split systems. They incorporate advanced air-filtration systems that help air purification which removes dust particles. This feature promotes cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. There are some models which allow humidity control features that enhance comfort.
A standout advantage of Mitsubishi mini-split systems is their wide range of options. Mitsubishi offers various styles, including wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, floor-mounted, and concealed duct units. This extensive selection allows homeowners to choose the unit styles. Homeowners can suit their aesthetic preferences and blend with their interior design.


  • Quality and Reliability. Mitsubishi mini-split systems are well-known for their exceptional build quality and reliability. Mitsubishi Electric, the parent company, has a strong reputation for producing durable products. It ensures homeowners rely on their Mitsubishi mini-split units for consistent operation.
  • Advanced Technology and Energy Efficiency. Mitsubishi mini-split systems incorporate advanced technologies to maximize energy efficiency. Their models boast high SEER ratings. SEER states the ability to deliver cooling while energy conservation. This can result in significant energy savings and lower utility bills.
  • Advanced Air Filtration and Indoor Air Quality. Mitsubishi mini-split units often feature advanced air filtration systems. It captures and removes allergens, dust, and other pollutants from the air. This helps improve indoor air quality. Making it ideal for individuals with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.
  • Customizable and Flexible Cooling. Mitsubishi mini-split systems offer precise temperature control and customizable cooling options. It ensures personalized comfort throughout the home. This flexibility is beneficial for households with varying cooling needs in different areas.
  • Long-Term Warranty Coverage. Mitsubishi provides generous warranty coverage for its mini-split systems. The warranty duration varies depending on the model and specific terms. This assures homeowners have reliable help and support.


  • Higher Initial Cost. Mitsubishi mini-split tends to have a higher initial cost in the mini-split market. The premium quality and features of Mitsubishi contribute to the higher price tag.
  • Professional Installation Required: Proper installation of Mitsubishi mini-split systems requires professional expertise. This also adds to the installation cost. Homeowners who prefer DIY installations may find this an extra expense. Compared to MrCool, it does not have pre-charged line sets.
  • Complex Maintenance and Repairs. Mitsubishi mini-split systems may need more complex maintenance and repairs. This is due to the advanced features and technology incorporated into the units. It is advisable to rely on qualified HVAC professionals for maintenance tasks. It may result in higher service costs.
  • Limited Regional Availability. Mitsubishi mini-split systems may have limited availability in certain regions. Making it challenging for homeowners in those areas to access or buy the units. This can limit the options for finding reputable dealers or authorized service providers.

Performance and Efficiency Comparison:

Several factors come into play for performance and efficiency comparison. Both brands offer reliable cooling solutions. Users have tested the strengths and weaknesses of both brands. Some differences can impact their performance and efficiency. Let's explore these aspects:
  • Cooling Performance. Both MrCool and Mitsubishi mini-split systems are capable of delivering effective cooling. External and internal factors can influence the cooling performance of both brands. So, take note of the model's cooling capacity to room sizes and cooling requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency. Energy efficiency is an important consideration for homeowners as it affects operating costs. Mitsubishi mini-split systems are known for their high energy efficiency ratings. These high SEER ratings state that units can cool space while consuming less energy. MrCool units also offer decent energy efficiency. But, Mitsubishi is often considered better in this aspect.
  • Advanced Features: Mitsubishi mini-split systems are recognized for their advanced features. They often incorporate innovative technologies such as inverter compressors. Mitsubishi models may include advanced air filtration systems, humidity control, and intelligent sensors. While MrCool units offer user-friendly features and DIY installation. Mitsubishi takes the lead in advanced technology integration.
  • Warranty Coverage. Warranty coverage is crucial for homeowners for protection and peace of mind. Mitsubishi mini-split systems offer longer warranty periods compared to MrCool units. Note, the warranty duration may vary depending on the model and specific terms. So, it's important to review the warranty details for each brand and model.

Our Recommendation:

In conclusion, both brands offer reliable cooling solutions. Mitsubishi excels in brand reputation, advanced features, energy efficiency, and performance. And, MrCool excels in its affordability, features, and decent cooling performance.
MrCool mini-split systems can be a suitable choice for budget concerns. MrCool is also applicable for cost-effective choices without compromising on performance. But, it is important to note the setbacks on potential limitations. Limitations on availability of parts and services of the brand.
For Mitsubishi, advanced technology and brand reputation stand out for their models. Mitsubishi units excel in build quality, advanced features, energy efficiency, and performance. They may have a higher initial cost. But, they offer exceptional reliability, advanced air filtration, and unique indoor styles.
The decision between Mitsubishi and MrCool depends on your judgment, opinions, and considerations. Every person has their determining factor in choosing the right product. Note that it is advisable to check your cooling requirements. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. Consult with HVAC professionals to make an informed choice.

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