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Precision Temp - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Precision Temp FAQ Page!

Precision Temp

Welcome to our FAQ page dedicated to Precision Temp. As trusted and dedicated official distributors, we aim to provide comprehensive information and answer your pressing questions about these advanced temperature control systems.

In order to facilitate a seamless experience and address your queries, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Precision Temp. Should you not find what you're looking for, our experienced and helpful team is just a click away and ready to assist you further.

Q: What is the best temperature for a water heater?
A: The safety recommendation against scalding is 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but the common default setting is 140°.

Q: What are the advantages of using the TwinTemp-2 propane-powered hydronic heater compared to diesel-only alternatives?
A: The TwinTemp-2 offers several advantages over diesel-only tankless water and hydronic heaters. Firstly, it runs on propane, making it compatible with all motorhomes, fifth wheels, horse trailers, and towable vehicles. Additionally, the TwinTemp-2 provides greater heating efficiency, operates with whisper-quiet performance, and maintains safer flue gas temperatures.

Q: How does the TwinTemp-2 compare to traditional water heaters in terms of hot water production and propane usage?
A: The TwinTemp-2 offers more hot water and heat with its 55,000 BTUs and higher efficiency compared to traditional water heaters. Many users have reported using up to 50% less propane with the TwinTemp-2, resulting in lower operating costs and fewer refills of propane tanks.

Q: How does the TwinTemp-2 achieve unlimited heat and continuous hot water supply for both hydronic space heating and hot water production?
A: The TwinTemp-2 achieves dual-source unlimited heat through its innovative design. It features a 55,000 BTU propane burner, which provides the highest hot water output in the industry, along with two 1500-watt electric elements. This combination enables on-demand and continuous hot water supply for both hydronic space heating and regular hot water needs. The heater operates only when the hot water outlet is turned on, and the VariFlame control system ensures a constant water temperature, regardless of the flow rate or incoming water temperature.

If you have any other questions that were not answered about Precision Temp, please reach out to us at or call (833) 717-1234. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have for us!

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