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Are you looking to install your own Mini-Split Air Conditioner? MrCool is your best option.

TL/DR: MrCool's Patented quick connect lines that come pre-charged with freon. With those, installation comes down to drilling holes, mounting equipment, and adding electric. Cool and Heat up to 1500 Square Feet.

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Why Choose MrCool DIY Mini-Split Systems?

When it comes to choosing a mini-split system for your home, there are several reasons why you should consider the MrCool DIY Mini-Split Systems. These ductless air conditioner units are not only easy to install but also highly efficient, with up to 22.7 SEER ratings (really good) that make them energy star certified. The DIY mini-split with pre-filled lines are designed so you can set up the system yourself, saving money on installation costs. With options ranging from 9k and 36k mini split systems, as well as multi zone capabilities, you can customize the air handler to suit your specific needs.

One of the key benefits of the MrCool DIY Mini-Split Systems is the pre-charged line set that comes with each unit, making installation even easier. The wall mount condenser and compressor provide efficient cooling and heating for your space, with options for up to 50ft line set lengths. Whether you're looking for a ductless mini-split ac and heat pump or a ductless mini-split heat pump system, the MrCool DIY Mini-Split Systems have you covered.

Affordable and Easy to Install

Affordable and Easy to Install: Looking for a cost-effective HVAC solution? Consider the DIY mini split from MrCool. With a 22 seer ductless mini-split system, you can enjoy efficient cooling and heating in your home without breaking the bank. The MrCool DIY mini split is designed for easy installation, making it a perfect choice for any homeowner. Whether you need a 12k BTU 22 seer ductless mini-split AC or a 22 seer ductless heat pump, the new MrCool 4th gen models offer innovative ductless technology at an affordable price.

**FEDERAL TAX CREDIT** MrCool DIY Mini-Split Systems may be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of 30% (up to $2,000). Click here for more details.

Energy Efficient and Powerful Cooling/Heating

Mini split air conditioners are a great solution for energy-efficient and powerful cooling/heating. With options like ductless mini split systems and mini split air conditioner heat pumps, you can easily heat or cool specific areas of your home. The MrCool mini split DIY models offer up to a 22.7 SEER rating, providing efficient operation. The Mini Split units from the MrCool DIY series allow you to install this innovative ductless system without special equipment. With 4th generation technology and options like the 12k and 18K BTU ductless mini split systems, achieving optimal comfort is easier than ever.

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